Hello. It’s been a while. I haven’t updated this for some time. I haven’t been doing all that much photography wise, other than falling out of love with it. I am now taking a steady stroll back uphill and finding my feet again.

Somethings don’t change…

I’m still at uni. Living in Cornwall. Prefer film. And shooting (sometimes) in Gweek. Still photographing tons on the Lizard Peninsula. 

Somethings do change..

I have a dog. She is called Hollie (she arrived with that name, being 7, and I won’t change it). My 5d sensor is clean!! I’d better not use it.

Anyway, I took the Hasselblad out. I was surprised to find I could still focus it. I’ve done lots of scans, but they are all organised into groups. This was the smallest group, and thus a quick edit to kick start my adventure back into blogging.

It’s my neighbours. Enjoy. 

Coming soon, more Lizard Point.

As I said, some things don’t change…

This term I have been looking to expand my project on the community of Gweek. Over the past few months I have been overwhelmed by the amount of activity taking place in what first appears a small village in Cornwall. 

Rather than trying to document everything, I decided to focus in on one element, a community within a community that is the Holifield Farm Project, focusing primarily on the Day Care Centre, a facility for adults with learning difficulties and additional needs. 

These are some of the photographs taken from my first two visits. It has been so much fun, from tending to calfs and chickens, to art and crafts sessions, and participating in the running of the farm built on an ethos of sustainable development and renewable energy. 

You can see some photographs taken at the annual festival held at the farm in past posts from my visit in September last year.